What We Do

The work undertaken by our Commercial Team reflects the substantial amount of in-depth knowledge and expertise held by the partners and staff in this team. The team comprises Jeremy Hucker, Sean Maskill (partners), Allen Mazengarb (consultant) along with Tabitha Fleming and Rochelle Keegan.

Strong relationships have been developed over a long period with other business professionals involved in the commercial sector such as accountants and banks to ensure that the interests of our clients are progressed as quickly as possible.

We have the interest of our clients at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring that expert but pragmatic advice is provided by all members of our Team.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Property

We have in-depth experience in corporate governance and directors’ issues (including conflict of interest issues, board protocols and board decision-making procedures). We also have experience in company constitution issues, ensuring the correct balance between shareholder and director powers are maintained. This has involved developing experience in a wide range of commercial contracts involving local Taranaki, national, and international parties.

Shareholder Relationships

We have experience in structuring shareholder relationships, including shareholder agreements, different classes of shares and special and constitutionally entrenched rights. We also can help address shareholder concerns (including terms of issue of shares, shareholder rights and remedies, distributions to shareholders and satisfying the solvency test.

Business Structuring

The structuring of a business transaction is often an essential component in a commercial transaction. We can help support you in your choice of business vehicle, establishing and modifying business structures, amalgamations and liquidations and other restructuring.


Statutory compliance is an integral part of any commercial transaction with a myriad of statutory obligations coming into play.
It is our role as commercial lawyers to ensure that we are familiar with all relevant statutory obligations to ensure that your interests are best served.

Partnership Agreements

Partnerships are one of many business structures that may be used in a commercial transaction. It is therefore essential that we as commercial lawyers are fully aware of the obligations placed upon partners in such a commercial structure.

Highlights of Our Work

Pehea ta matou mahi

How We Work

We’ve earned an enviable reputation for understanding the business and public sector environment in which our clients operate, and providing valuable, timely and understandable legal advice. Our clients get all the benefits of lawyers who provide legal advice only in those areas in which we have a high level of expertise and can significantly contribute to their success.

From the excitement of buying a house to disputes or employment matters — we’re here to help you through life’s biggest moments.

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