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What We Do

When disputes arise, their impact can be both distracting and disruptive. Our team of experienced dispute resolution lawyers excels in finding the optimal balance between protecting your interests and fostering a working relationship that leads to a positive outcome. We specialise in a wide range of dispute areas, including commercial disputes, personal disputes, litigation and court action, tribunal representation, and agribusiness-related disputes. Additionally, we are available to act on agency instructions when required.

At ABMM, we recognize that not every dispute needs to be resolved through traditional court proceedings. We have a deep understanding of alternative dispute resolution methods, allowing us to identify the best approach for your specific situation. Choosing alternative dispute resolution can help save time and costs. Our expertise extends to various methods, including mediation, conciliation, adjudication, and arbitration. We are well-equipped to initiate or respond to any type of resolution process, guiding you through until its completion.

Trust ABMM to navigate the complexities of civil dispute resolution and provide you with effective, tailored solutions. Our goal is to resolve disputes efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core priorities while achieving a satisfactory resolution.

What We Do

Disputes are distractions. When two parties end up in a dispute, they both want it resolved as quickly as possible, without any fuss. At the same time, they both want a favourable result. Our experienced disputes resolution lawyers get the best of both worlds, acting as a go-between to protect your interests and foster a working relationship that leads to a good outcome. As disputes experts, we are also available to act on agency instructions if necessary.

Every dispute is different and having a complete understanding of the different ways to solve problems allows us to identify the best option for your situation.When disputes happen, very few people actually want to go to court. Taking an alternative dispute resolution option can help to save time and money, and can include; mediation, conciliation, adjudication, and arbitration. We can initiate and respond to all types of resolution process through until its completion.

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We’ve earned an enviable reputation for understanding the business and public sector environment in which our clients operate, and providing valuable, timely and understandable legal advice. Our clients get all the benefits of lawyers who provide legal advice only in those areas in which we have a high level of expertise and can significantly contribute to their success.

From the excitement of buying a house to disputes or employment matters — we’re here to help you through life’s biggest moments.


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