Government – Central/ Local

Kāwanatanga/ Ture

Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen act for public sector entities (at both central and local government levels) across the compliance, economic and social spectrum.

We assist in developing and implementing policy, drafting procedures, and documenting arrangements. In doing so, we are conscious of the political context and the responsibilities which affect public sector entities.

Areas of Advice

  • Identifying the relevant government entities, their statutory functions and powers and ensuring compliance with legislative frameworks
  • Drafting legislation
  • Appearing before Select Committees and local authority committees
  • Establishing public sector subsidary organisations to give effect to policies
  • Assisting in lobbying for changes to policies and legislation
  • Assisting in managing the balance between commercial activities and public obligations

Highlights of Our Work

  • Developing and documenting government initiatives in the social area with private sector entities
  • Dealing with the transfer of assets between central and local government taking account of Maori interests
  • Negotiations with Commerce Commission and Securities Commission in respect of enforcement actions proposed to be taken
  • Developing and documenting funding programmes from a Crown entity to private sector entities in connection with energy efficiency and conservation
  • Advising a local authority about use of reserves for commercial activities
  • Establishing a chartiable trust to fund cultural activities undertaken by a local authority