What We Do

The work undertaken by our property law team covers the full spectrum of legal advice for the property sector. We act for all manner of clients – from first home buyers to experienced property investors to clients undertaking multi-million dollar developments.  

Our team, headed by Jeremy Hucker and Allen Mazengarb, takes more than just a transactional approach.  Our experience means that we can anticipate potential problems at an early stage to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.  

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with other professionals (such as accountants, surveyors and valuers) and take a team approach to ensure things get done.

We also know that property transactions can be time sensitive. We will be contactable and responsive so that you can focus on the things that are important to you. We will work with you to meet your timeframes and if we say we are going to do something, then we will do it. 

We appreciate that the process of buying, selling and development projects all involve a myriad of issues. We are happy to guide you through these and give straight answers to queries you may have.

Getting the right advice is important. We provide expert, practical property law advice and pay attention to detail.

Areas of Expertise

Commercial Property

Our property team acts for local, national and international clients, and has acted on an innumerable number of commercial property acquisitions and sales. As part of that process, we regularly undertake due diligence on behalf of our clients including review of commercial leases and title.

Experienced lawyers will not only provide advice about the top of mind issues but will also provide strategic advice to identify and mitigate against risk. As such, when buying or selling commercial property, it is important to engage an experienced solicitor who can identify any such issues. Our commercial property clients rely on us for that.

Residential Property

We act for all manner of home buyers – from first home buyers to investors with significant property portfolios. Our property team is familiar with all aspects of the nuances of purchasing a residential property and is familiar with the Kiwisaver withdrawal process and the requirements of First Home Loans.

We are also happy to review Land Information Memoranda (LIMs), undertake title due diligence and are familiar with cross lease and unit title structures.

Purchasing a property is one of the biggest decision most people will make financially. It is therefore important to engage lawyers who are property law experts and can provide sound, practical advice.

Leasing & Licences

We regularly act for both landlords and tenants, and preparing and dealing with commercial leases is a core part of our business.

We are very familiar with the Auckland District Law Society form of Deed of Lease and common problems that may arise from time to time between landlord and tenant. We are also happy to assist both our landlord and tenant clients in negotiations when things don’t go as planned. We also have experience in dealing with leases in respect of Maori land.

Retirement Village Occupation Rights

The transition to a rest home or retirement village is always a big decision. Our property team regularly advises clients about Occupation Right Agreements and is, in particular, very familiar with Occupation Right Agreements issued by retirement villages in the Taranaki region.

Our team’s skills also extend just beyond the letter of the law. We take a holistic approach and can provide advice around other more practical matters that require consideration to make the process stress free.

We are also able to assist with preparing Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney which are usually required upon entry to a retirement village.

Subdivisions & Developments

We regularly act for clients who wish to subdivide property – from those wishing to undertake a boundary adjustment to large scale subdivisions. Our property law team is forward looking, experienced, and has the experience to provide advice both in respect of issues that are top of mind and issues that may not have been considered.

Our years of experience have meant that we have close ties with surveyors and accountants and regularly work as part of a professional team to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Farm Sales & Purchases

Check out our dedicated page for our agribusiness legal services HERE.

Highlights of Our Work

Pehea ta matou mahi

How We Work

We’ve earned an enviable reputation for understanding the business and public sector environment in which our clients operate, and providing valuable, timely and understandable legal advice. Our clients get all the benefits of lawyers who provide legal advice only in those areas in which we have a high level of expertise and can significantly contribute to their success.

From the excitement of buying a house to disputes or employment matters — we’re here to help you through life’s biggest moments.

Our Property Law Experts​

Jeremy Hucker

Partner / Notary Public

Allen Mazengarb

Consultant / Notary Public

Rochelle Keegan

Registered Legal Executive


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